Amid reports Scott's business was failing, her firm issues a statement saying that is simply not true
Credit: Doug Peters/PA Photos/Abaca USA

L’Wren Scott spent time with friends the night before she died, but while they were worried about her, they hardly expected the tragedy of the following morning, says one longtime pal.

“She was with friends on Sunday night, and, yes, they were deeply concerned about her, but, no, they didn’t think she would do something so desperate. Not L’Wren,” Cathy Horyn, the former fashion critic of The New York Times, writes in a remembrance in the paper.

Scott, 49, the girlfriend of Mick Jagger, had been having business problems for several years, says Horyn, who advised her several times to pull back for the sake of her health. “Just give yourself a break now,” Horyn says she told Scott earlier this year.

While, in the time since her death, reports have circulated that Scott was having business problems, a spokesperson for her company strongly refuted the claim in a statement released Friday.

“The figures quoted in the media regarding the financial status of LS Fashion Limited are not only highly misleading and inaccurate but also extremely hurtful and disrespectful to the memory of L’Wren Scott,” the statement began.

While the statement noted, “Ms. Scott was considering a re-structure of her global business,” it also said, “Her business overall was only seven years old and although some areas of the business had not yet reached their potential other parts of her business were proving successful [and] long-term prospects for the business were encouraging.”

Horyn texted Scott on March 12, five days before her apparent suicide, but got no reply. Horyn says she has since learned that Scott planned to close her business with an announcement this week – but warns readers not to assume that was the reason for her death.

“As painful as the decision must have been for her, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from it about her state of mind. Nor should any credence be given to reports of a breakup with Mick. It’s rubbish.”

In the end, Horyn is baffled by the tragic loss.

“Her death is inexplicable to me, and it makes me angry, too,” she says. “Angry because it’s the loss of a vital, intelligent woman, and angry because, this once, I don’t want her to be a mystery to me.”