Lurid Details Revealed in Hasselhoff Divorce

Mistakenly released documents allege the actor was abusive and his wife tested positive for drugs

Lurid details of David Hasselhoff’s ongoing divorce from his estranged wife Pamela Bach were inadvertently entered into public record on Wednesday.

A 66-page filing by Hasselhoff’s lawyers alleges that Bach, 43, tested positive for cocaine two months ago and claims that she was intoxicated at their daughter Taylor Ann’s sweet 16 party last May.

The documents also include numerous allegations of infidelity committed by Hasselhoff, 54, as well as alcohol, drug and physical abuse by him against Bach over 16 years of marriage.

Under court order by Judge Mark Juhas earlier this year, information pertaining to the couple’s children would be removed from public record. But large portions of Wednesday s filing, which also mentions concerns by both parents about how their daughters are being raised, were released by mistake.

“We’re all outraged. This was a horrible mistake on behalf of the court,” Hasselhoff’s attorney Melvin Goldsman told PEOPLE. “David would never intentionally release anything that would be hurtful to his children. He’s quite disturbed about this.”

Goldsman added, “I don’t believe it was intentionally misfiled. It’s a mistake that happens, based on the volume of work the court receives.”

Bach’s lawyer, Susan Wiesner, stated: “I consider this an intentional attempt to besmirch (Bach’s) character and reputation. She’s a good mother and she wants to protect her children. I have no idea how these documents became public.”

A spokesperson for the court told PEOPLE that neither side’s lawyer submitted a proper redaction order, and therefore the judge did not rule on it.

Wiesner added that she intended to return to court Friday to unseal all her previous filings so there’s “a more balanced record of (this case.) We don’t want to have to go there because of the children, but I don’t want their daughters to have a lopsided view of their parents.”

A statement from Bach was not immediately available.

This is the second time in this divorce that portions of legal documents were inadvertently leaked by the court.

Meanwhile Hasselhoff, looking upbeat, made a taped appearance in Los Angeles yesterday to promote the second season of America’s Got Talent. Asked about the personal turmoil he’s endured this year, he smiled and replied, “I’ve had a tough year, but despite all that painful stuff, my career’s actually blossomed, thanks to my fans.”

Citing irreconcilable differences, Hasselhoff filed for divorce from Bach on Jan. 12. Bach filed her own divorce paperwork the following day, which included claims of domestic violence. The couple currently share joint custody of their two daughters.

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