Luke Wilson Opens Up About Filming with His Brothers

Owen, Luke and Andrew love working together, but "It can be good and bad," says Luke

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

It’s no secret that the Wilson brothers – Owen, Luke and Andrew – love working together. But, as Luke confesses, mixing business and family “can be good and bad.”

For example, says Luke – at 36 the youngest of the brothers – on the set of The Wendell Baker Story, in which he and Andrew, 43, directed Owen, 39, there was a moment or two when the three didn’t see eye-to-eye. And, like most brothers, they resolved their differences fairly: the biggest one won.

“Owen basically said he was done with the scene, and we didn’t feel like we’d gotten it,” Luke said recently. “So Andrew is like, ‘You’re done? You’re not going to do it again?’ [He] looks at me, and I’m like, ‘I can’t, you’re bigger than he is, just kick his ass. Just kick his ass, man.'”

Despite their sibling rivalry, there is a synergy which “makes things easier,” said Luke, while promoting his upcoming film Henry Poole is Here. “[We] just have the same kind of sense of humor. It’s great to be so close to people you’re working with.”

Still, even though the brothers are planning to work together again, nobody wrangles the Wilsons like their friend and director Wes Anderson. While nothing is officially in the works, according to Luke, a project “definitely I’m sure [will] happen in the future.” He added: “Always want to put the band back together!”

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