Hemsworth was honored as one of Hollywood’s rising and brightest stars in PEOPLE's fourth annual Ones to Watch package

By Jodi Guglielmi
October 14, 2016 04:40 PM
Greg Doherty/Getty

Luke Hemsworth doesn’t need his famous brothers  Chris or Liam Hemsworth for inspiration — he has his kids.

“I think my kids give me the biggest sense of inspiration and joy,” he told PEOPLE at its annual Ones to Watch Party in Los Angeles. “There’s not a day where I don’t laugh at them and with them. They’re crazy and their mental and their hard work but I do love them. I love spending time with them.”

Hemsworth, 35, is the father to four children with his wife Samantha — Alexandre, Holly, Ella and Harper.

At Thursday’s event, PEOPLE honored Hemsworth as being one of Hollywood’s rising and brightest stars in its fourth annual Ones to Watch package. Hemsworth, who has had a successful acting career in Austrailia, is now making a name for himself stateside with his role in the new HBO series Westworld.

“It’s been great to finally get it out to the world because it’s been such a long process from the pilot until now and it’s had a wonderful reception,” Hemsworth said of working on the show. “I definitely go to work and I pinch myself most days. I go, ‘Wow is this really happening?’ “

But while he is receiving rave reviews for his performance, his kids aren’t quite old enough to appreciate his talent.

“It’s definitely not a kids show,” he said. “I did an episode of Saddle Club which was about ponies. but they haven’t seen that one. We’ll work up to it. Wait until I get something cool, otherwise they don’t care.”

PEOPLE’s “Ones to Watch” are featured in the magazine’s latest issue on newsstands now.