Lukas Rossi Wins 'Rock Star: Supernova'

The 29-year-old punk rocker from Toronto will be the supergroup's new frontman

Lukas Rossi, a 29-year-old punk rocker from Toronto, won the role of lead singer for the band Supernova on the CBS reality show Rock Star: Supernova on Wednesday.

After closely beating out rival Dilana Robichaux, a transplanted South African now living in Houston, Rossi told PEOPLE, “At the end of the day, it’s about what the band needs and wants, and I would happily step aside if it was for the betterment of Supernova.

“But,” he continued, “they chose me, and it was a good choice, man, because I’m going to give it my all and I’m sure the boys in the band are going to do the same thing. We just want to write a bunch of great records and tour for the fans.”

Rossi follows in the footsteps of fellow Canadian J.D. Fortune, who won last year’s show and now sings with Australia’s INXS. Besides Robichaux, the other finalists this season were Magni Asgeirsson, from Iceland, and Toby Rand, from Australia.

But it was Rossi who impressed Supernova drummer Tommy Lee and bandmates Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted with his rendition of the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” After Lee announced his victory, Rossie joined the band onstage for two Supernova songs, including “Be Yourself.”

Rossi told PEOPLE that the initial performance brought “an absolute feeling of relief. Going through this 13-week audition process has been riveting, to say the least, but I’m here standing now and I guess I was the cat they wanted.”

Comparing himself to others in his new band, Rossi said, “Tommy is just like myself. You know, we’re just human and nothing has changed him through the success that he’s had. He’s still humble and a loveable guy and he’s like a big brother to me.”

Lee, in fact, has offered Rossi the use of his home when the drummer heads off soon to tour with Mötley Crüe. Will he accept the invitation? “I don’t know about that!” Rossi said. “No, I’ll definitely respect his house for the first two hours. Ha! I love you, T!”

Rossi plans to do a bit of traveling himself as well: “I am going back to Canada soon. I just have a lot of things that I have to do here first.”

Also on his calendar: rushing into the recording studio with Supernova to complete the band’s debut album, due from Epic Records on Nov. 21. And on Dec. 31, the band will have its first live performance in Las Vegas, kicking off a five-week North American tour.

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