Credit: Source: Lucy Hale/Instagram

There are certain celebrities you follow on Instagram because you’ve secretly convinced yourself that you’re best friends, and Lucy Hale is one of those celebrities.

Not only is she gorgeous (and talented, and funny), but Hale is also clearly BFF material. She loves dogs, coffee, selfies and her mom, so she’s essentially one of us.

On her 27th birthday, we’re celebrating with 27 Instagram photos that make us want our imaginary friendship to last forever.

1. She’s an unapologetic faceswapper.

2. Even when she’s grumpy, she’s still adorable.

3. She watches The Bachelorette! And she’s Team Chad, duh.

4. She legitimately loves her fans.

5. She’s as obsessed with coffee as we are.

6. She loves kicking it with her mom.

7. She wears onesies because onesies are the greatest.

8. She makes fun of herself on a regular basis.

9. She posted this heartfelt tribute to the victims of the Orlando terror attack.

10. She goes on lady dates, a.k.a. the best kind of dates.

11. Her neck tattoo is perfect and we need it.

12. She loves dogs as much as we do.

13. This post.

14. Her friends are really cool.

15. We’re super envious of her jawline but like her so much that we don’t even resent her for it.

16. She’s a selfie queen.

17. She inspires us regularly.

18. She and Kylie Jenner would have a beautiful, beautiful baby together.

19. She threw her own Coachella, because actual music festivals are exhausting.

20. She has exquisite taste in music.

21. She reps pizza.

22. She gives us fashion inspo.

23. She owns her emotions and encourages others to do the same.

24. She forgets to wear sunscreen sometimes. Just like the rest of us!

25. Her lip color typically matches/complements her outfit, a skill we’ve coveted for years.

26. She speaks out about grape Issues.

27. We just love her, ok??!?

Happy birthday, girl! Please never, ever stop posting Instagrams. We simply do not know what we would do with ourselves.