Love On the Run

“Man on the Moon” actress and Hole band member Courtney Love reportedly got into a knock-down, drag-out brawl at the Sundance Film Festival Wednesday night. The New York Post reports that someone approached Love at a party and then snapped her picture, causing Love to go “ballistic” and snatch the camera out of the photographer’s hand. It was discovered that the offending photog was the wife of Hollywood Reporter movie critic Kirk Honeycutt — who was at Sundance to review Love’s new film, “Beat.” Honeycutt is said to have then grabbed the camera back from Love, prompting Love’s boyfriend, music exec Jim Barber, to jump the critic, who reportedly referred to Love as a “pig” (preceded by a very descriptive adjective). Bystanders broke up the fracas, Love so far has no comment . . . and the Hollywood Reporter will assign someone else to review “Beat.”

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