November 13, 2003 11:00 AM

Looking disheveled and telling reporters that the charges were “retarded,” Courtney Love pleaded innocent to two felony drug counts in Beverly Hills Municipal Court Wednesday, reports the Associated Press.

Described by Reuters as wearing a baggy purple T-shirt and clutching a bunch of red roses (AP says she was also toting her pet beagle, Molly), the former Hole singer, 39, faced charges of illegally possessing painkillers when she was treated at a hospital for an Oct. 2 overdose. The two painkillers, hydrocodone and oxycodone, can be prescribed legally.

“I didn’t even break a law. I didn’t even shoplift,” Love said before the hearing. Reuters reports that, afterward, she claimed, “I didn’t do anything. Someone left a pill at my house,” and, when asked if she had any advice for her fans, she said, “Don’t go out with married men, and be sure you get your name on the lease.”

Love’s drug charges stem from an incident early last month that began when she allegedly tried to break into the Los Angeles home of her former boyfriend Jim Barber. (He did not press charges.)

After her release, Beverly Hills police and paramedics were called to Love’s home and were forced to take her to a Century City hospital for treatment of a drug overdose.

Love’s attorney, William Genego, told AP that Love had not intentionally overdosed but had mistakenly swallowed the wrong medication. Genego said Love surrendered a bag of pills to police after they were called to her home. The drug charges stem from Love not having a prescription for three pills in the bag, Genego said.

Judge Elden Fox scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 11 and instructed Love to meet with Santa Monica probation officials to assess her suitability for a drug diversion program.

During the hearing, Love complained to her attorney that the Dec. 11 hearing date conflicted with a scheduled trip to London, a video shoot and her plan to attend the Academy Awards (which, in fact, are to be held in February).

“What is it we’re continuing?” she asked at one point. “Do I have to live in this weird hell?”

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