Madonna says her 12-year-old daughter just better finish school first

By Michael Y. Park
Updated September 30, 2009 01:55 PM
Rex Features/Rex USA

In a decade or so, don’t be surprised if you hear crowds chanting the name “Lourdes” at movie theaters around the world – but not at concerts.

That’s because Madonna‘s 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, wants to follow her mom’s footsteps into a career on the stage – but as an actress, not a singer.

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“I don’t think she wants to be a singer. I think she wants to be an actress,” Madonna, 51, tells PopEater. “I’m fine with it, as long as she finishes school, and takes it seriously.”

Not that anything’s decided, or that Madonna’s either for or against Lourdes joining the family business.

“She also plays piano, and she’s really into clothes and fashion and style. She can go in any direction. She’s got a lot of diverse interests right now,” Madonna says. “I’m not pushing anything. We’ll see what she wants to do.”

And whatever she decides to do, Lourdes – who’s been a great big sis to her newest sibling, Mercy James – will be well-prepared for the photographers sure to hound her, Madonna says.

“She’s grown up in the limelight, for sure,” she says. “She’s been protected, but she’s been chased by the paparazzi since she was a tiny baby.”