Louis C.K.'s Twitter Rant: 'My Kids Used to Love Math. Now It Makes Them Cry'

Like any p.o.'d parent, the comedian Tweeted about his daughter's Common Core math problems

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty

If you’ve ever suspected that your kids’ math homework doesn’t add up, you’re not alone.

Comedian Louis C.K. took to Twitter on Monday to express his bafflement at the kind of wackadoo math problems his daughters bring home – and to slam the Common Core standards currently being debated in the nation at large. In fact, he flat-out said that the educational initiative had ruined his daughters’ love of math.


Unlikely education pundit though he may be, Louis C.K.’s point resonated with thousands of Twitter users, including similarly exasperated parents and educators.

C.K. showed examples of the murky math:



But in his typical good guy fashion, he pointed out that he doesn’t blame his daughters’ teachers, who are similarly trapped within the framework.




Finally, he also admitted that maybe he’s not the most authoritative voice in the Common Core debate.


So observational comedy, parental frustration, and that typical style of self-deprecation … you’d almost think it was a promo for the new season of Louie.

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