"I'm flowing down the freeways," the British actor and comedian tells PEOPLE of his unconventional approach behind the wheel

Credit: Bauer-Griffin

This probably isn’t in the driver’s-ed handbook.

Russell Brand, who’s been learning to drive over the past few months so he can navigate Los Angeles on his own, has discovered a spiritual method of getting around town.

Asked how his driving lessons are going, he tells PEOPLE: “Good. I’m using meditation to make me a better driver. I’m flowing down the freeways.”

That will come as no surprise to those who know the British comedian and his penchant for serene reflection. “I think meditation is good for everybody,” he said Monday at the “Change Begins Within” benefit presented by the David Lynch Foundation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Brand’s greatest spiritual and emotional connection, of course, is to his wife of two months, Katy Perry. But even in his enlightened state, Brand admits some things still stress him out – like his messy pet.

“Like sometimes when the cat is cleaning the litter, he kicks quite a lot of litter onto the floor. Why?” he asks.

Brand is currently starring in a movie version of The Tempest with Helen Mirren, who plays Prospera, a role originally written for a man. Brand said he wouldn’t mind following Mirren’s gender-flipping lead and playing Lady Macbeth.

“She’s sinister and cruel and dark, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?” he says.