"Basically, Halloween was always my mum's favorite time of year," Lorna Johnson's son Neil said

By Alex Heigl
Updated July 16, 2015 10:00 AM
Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Lorna Johnson, of Luton, England, identified as a White Witch – someone devoted to nature and the earth and a practitioner of “good,” altruistic magic – and she loved Halloween. So when the 56-year-old died last month of lung cancer, it only made sense to invite Darth Vader and Beetlejuice to her funeral.

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That’s not entirely accurate, but it’s close. “Basically, Halloween was always my mum’s favorite time of year,” Johnson’s son Neil told Luton Today. “We always had fancy dress parties.”

So Lorna’s funeral turned into one last fancy dress party. Neil showed up dressed as the Tasmanian Devil, and Darth Vader led the funeral procession. (Dolly Parton was there, too, in spirit – Neil played her song “I’m Gonna Miss You.”)

“Everybody loved her and we want to acknowledge everything that she loved by celebrating her life at her funeral,” Neil said. “We’re not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves,” he told The Guardian. “My mum wouldn’t want that.

“She always wanted a party,” Neil added. “It’s the type of person she was.”