Lorde, Who? The Singer Live Tweets An Awkward Encounter with Her Uber Driver

"Uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a 'celebrity passenger' just before me," Lorde wrote on Twitter

Photo: Stevens/MediaPunch

Lorde’s music is all over the airwaves, but her Uber driver had no idea he was driving around a celebrity on a recent trip.

Instead of being asked for an autograph or selfie, the pop star found herself listening to her driver freak out about another celebrity who had just been in the car – and the singer took to Twitter with her usual dry humor to share the tale.

“Uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a ‘celebrity passenger’ just before me,” Lorde wrote in a series of live tweets from the backseat of the car.

“I can tell our ride, by comparison, sparkles significantly less for him,” she added.

While it’s unknown exactly which city the singer hitched a ride in, the star told one fan she was on the way “to the studio” after he admonished her for not working on her album.

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“I can feel it from the back seat, his dazed glow,” she continued about her driver. “He’s probably now pretending that I am not here, that they are still together, and alone.”

And it turns out Lorde isn t the only celebrity to be dissed by an Uber driver.

“@Lorde Mine said he had someone from Ellie Gouldings band in earlier,” pal Ellie Goulding tweeted in reply to Lorde. “But didn t like her music soooo.”

“@elliegoulding I just winced,” she replied.

At least these singers are on each other’s teams!

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