Loni Anderson's Sweet Happily Ever After

The actress met Bob Flick 45 years to the day before saying "I do"

Her latest relationship may have been 45 years in the making – but things are looking sweet for Loni Anderson.

The actress, 62, wed folk singer Bob Flick in California on May 17. Strikingly, it was a posed photo in 1963 that first united the two – the same photo that decorates their wedding cake.

As the story goes, the two met at a movie premiere in Minneapolis when Anderson was sent by a local newspaper for a fan photo op with Flick, whose group the Brothers Four scored a hit with their song “Greenfields.” The Burt Reynolds ex and Flick – pictured here – are ready to dive into dessert during their reception June 23 at Vibrato Grill Jazz … Etc. in Bel Air, Calif.

The inscription on the cake reads, “When we met, 5-17-63,” indicating they have indeed come full circle – to the day!
–Brian Orloff

Look back at Loni Anderson’s wedding album with Burt Reynolds from 1988.

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