The newlywed rekindled a teen romance through long-distance phone calls

By Michael Y. Park and Frank Swertlow
Updated July 02, 2008 03:35 PM

For nearly five decades, Loni Anderson’s teenage love was always somewhere in the back of her mind. And in May, she finally married him.

“Never give up on finding your true love,” Anderson, 62, tells PEOPLE.

After three marriages, the star of WKRP in Cincinnati and ex-wife of Burt Reynolds called up folk singer Bob Flick on a whim – and restarted a romance that they nurtured long distance.

“We had a year-long phone relationship, and I never ran out of things to say,” Anderson says. “I fell in love through the phone calls. There was no pressure. We would just talk and talk.”

The two had dated for seven months when Anderson was a 17-year-old Minnesota model. But she never stopped thinking about him, even singing his songs to her daughter and son when they were children. And by the time he proposed, there was only one answer Anderson could give.

“We were talking about things and I asked, what did he see happening in the next year,” she says. “He said, ‘To marry you.’ I said, yes, I would.”