Two llamas roaming the streets of Phoenix have now been captured

By Michael Miller
February 26, 2015 04:30 PM

Citizens of Phoenix can now rest easy: two escaped llamas previously terrorizing (and most likely fertilizing) the streets have been captured.

The two elusive animals – one black, one white – initially avoided capture by the Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies (and some amateur llama wranglers) in Sun City, Arizona, on Thursday afternoon.

Fortunately, most of the chase was streamed live, turning the llama drama into a trending topic on Twitter (with plenty of shout-outs for Lorenzo Lamas) and generating a series of hilarious GIFs.

Both llamas are now safely in custody, according to ABC News.

No word yet on where the llamas came from or how they escaped, but here’s some of the Tweets (#LlamasonTheLoose):

Plus, Rdio has also created a playlist – featuring “Animal” by Neon Trees and “Break Free” by Ariana Grande and Zedd – if you’re already feeling nostalgic about the llamas’ escape: