By Rachel F. Elson
Updated November 22, 2002 01:00 AM

A television career has proved a bit too unreal for Liza Minnelli and husband David Gest. The couple have hired attorney Michael Sherman — who most recently gained notoriety representing Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel in the Martha Moxley murder case — to represent them in their battle with VH1 over the cancellation of their planned reality show, the Associated Press reports.

VH1 pulled the plug on the much-hyped (and much-delayed) show before it ever launched, claiming that Gest had become too difficult to work with. An unnamed VH1 insider tells AP that Gest, 49, repeatedly canceled production meetings and shooting schedules, limited access to Minnelli, 56, and ordered a VH1 staffer to stand duty with a portable vacuum cleaner while a hole was drilled in a wall. The New York Post reported earlier that Gest required VH1 crew members to wear surgical booties in the couple’s plush apartment.

The series, which was yanked after only one episode was completed, was supposed to offer an intimate look at Minnelli’s private and professional life, showcasing her own musical talents as well as those of other, younger musicians.

Sherman tells AP that the couple have not filed a lawsuit, but are looking at various legal remedies. “We’re looking into every possible avenue of resolution here,” he said. “David and Liza did everything within their power to not only make it happen but make it successful.”

“I think people would have enjoyed seeing it,” Sherman added. “The case is not necessarily about money; it’s about fairness.”