Elizabeth Hurley, loudly criticized over the past two months by striking union actors, has formally apologized for filming a non-union Estee Lauder perfume spot and vows to make amends. Variety reports that the model-actress has said she will make a “significant” contribution to the Screen Actors Guild, which has been protesting the advertising agency in a strike that began on May 1. Hurley’s new movie “Bedazzled,” opens Friday, but posters for it all over Los Angeles have been defaced with the word “scab,” reports Variety. “She has apologized numerous times and been really embarrassed over this,” her attorney told the trade paper. “She really wants to put this behind her.” The lawyer said she was unaware of how much Hurley intended to contribute to the SAG fund for striking actors, but an official for the union says that the star’s actions will not prevent her from being disciplined by the Guild for her role in shooting the commercial.