Littleton Shockwaves

The two gunmen in the Columbine High massacre — Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17 — were planning to blow up their school and probably had help from others, investigators said Thursday after discovering two powerful bombs in the kitchen that had been built from propane tanks. The discovery of the two 20-pound propane tanks heightened suspicions that the two killers had help from other people, either with building the 32 bombs discovered so far or getting them into the high school. CNN reported that a note left by one of the gunmen was a suicide note that indicated the two teen-agers acted alone. “This is the way we want to go out,” the note said, according to CNN, which cited unidentified sources.

  • Fourteen people remain hospitalized, eight in critical or serious condition. Funerals for the deceased victims are set to begin Friday.
  • Despite intermittent, heavy snow in Littleton, dozens of people left bouquets, stuffed animals, cards and balloons in the school colors of blue and silver at a makeshift memorial in a park near the school. The mementos were piled two-feet deep by early Thursday.
  • Columbine will be closed indefinitely. Other schools in the district reopened Thursday amid tight security. Officers and school staff members plan “sweeps” and greater security at entrances and exits to these schools, Sheriff John Stone said.
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