Watch the Sweet Moment a Little Girl Mistakes a Stranger for Santa – and He Just Goes with It

This is the antidote for everyone spoiling Star Wars for you today

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez

Even the Grinch-iest among us have to admit that this is pretty adorable.

In a video that originally went wide when it was uploaded to Reddit, a young girl out shopping with her father comes across a man whose red shirt and large white beard grant him an uncanny resemblance to Santa.

Understandably, she’s a little awestruck, but the man plays along, kneeling down and asking her who thinks he is. “Santa?” he asks, “I’ve been called a lot worse.”

He then asks her if she’s been a good girl, and if she’s getting ready for Christmas. She mentions that she’s going to leave him cookies on Christmas Eve, and he asks if he can eat them all.

“You have to share,” the girl replies.

All right, game over. I’m declaring the Internet closed for today after this video. Go home, everyone. This is your antidote for every jerk out there spoiling Star Wars.

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