Ella wanted a baby sister, and now she's sad to find out she's getting another brother

By Drew Mackie
May 28, 2015 12:25 AM

Meet Ella. She is 3. She is learning a hard lesson in not getting what you want.

You see, Ella has just found out that she will not be getting a baby sister. Instead, she will be getting a third brother. This is very hard for her to accept.

“I just had two brothers already,” cries the disappointed child. Her father’s explanation that this will make Ella the princess is no consolation. “I don’t want another boy,” she maintains.

Ella’s godmother, Christina Grasso, posted the original clip to Instagram on Tuesday, captioning it, “And you thought your Tuesday was bad my fairy goddaughter just found out she won’t ever get that sister she wanted.”

Fortunately for Ella, this will pass and one day she will realize that there’s power in being the eldest, even if you’re a girl outnumbered by boys.

Stay strong, Ella.