Ava's just a really strict Constitutionalist, that's all

By People Staff
October 26, 2014 02:30 PM

Kids face a lot of harsh truths growing up. Aging, for instance. Or the aging of their loved ones.

But of all those crises, “the realization that they’ll never get to meet George Washington” is a pretty obscure one.

Nevertheless, that’s what gripping 4-year-old Ava in this video.

Ava, who’s homeschooled by her mother Gina in Virginia, was studying early American history and apparently took quite a shine to the first president.

When she found out that Washington passed away more than 200 years ago, she just couldn’t take it. Not even the promise of possibly meeting the current president would assuage her suffering.

Maybe she’s just a very strict Constitutionalist.

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