"I think you are pretty like a horse or a ladybug," Bennet writes to his crush

By Kelli Bender
Updated December 01, 2014 09:50 PM
Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty

We’ve got a modern-day Casanova on our hands, folks, and he hasn’t even hit kindergarten yet.

Four-year-old Bennet Skinner recently composed a love letter certain to sweep almost any woman off her feet, reports Buzzfeed.

Bennet’s mom Jennifer posted the gem to Reddit, after her son asked her to type up the note. The lucky recipient was a little girl named Baily, whom Bennet has been going to school with for two years.

Here’s what Bennet dictated to Jennifer:

Jennifer claims that everything her son expressed is true. Bennet loves to eat cheeses and battle robots, has recently lost a tooth and thinks Baily is the bee’s knees.

“He talks constantly about her and how much he loves her ‘yellow hair,’ ” Jennifer told Buzzfeed. “He will be having his fifth birthday party in a few weeks and the theme is knights and princesses, he is over the moon knowing that Baily will be dressed as a princess.”

Bennet’s little love note has quickly gone viral, a welcomed distraction to the family. Bennet was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old and is now approaching his final cancer checks in Portland, Oregon.

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