Jaden Smith raps about his trendsetter status and racial discrimination in the nearly six-minute song

By Char Adams
July 08, 2016 01:30 PM

What better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than with a song, right?

In honor of the milestone, Jaden Smith dropped a new single called “LABOR V2” in which he namedrops Miley Cyrus and mentions going on tour and finding “Sarah” – an apparent nod to his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder.

“Your banana flows they don’t appeal/I told you I’m the man of steel/I believe in Santa still/’cause I got more ice than the snow/I can not buy no more clothes,” Smith, who turned 18 on Friday, rapped in the nearly six-minute track.

He promised the song earlier this week, tweeting, “Yo @HYPEBEAST @ComplexMag @highsnobiety @NylonMag I turn 18 in 3 hours, London Time, And Ima Drop A Song on Willows Soundcloud So Get Ready.”

When Smith still hadn’t made good on his promise after a few hours, he reassured fans in a follow-up tweet.

“It’s coming I Just Need To Get Back To Willows Computer, I’m Having Birthday Dinner,” he wrote.

Soon, a YouTube video of the track appeared online, and the jazz-style song features a nearly two-minute instrumental before Smith even raps.

In the song, Smith addresses his status as a trendsetter: “I just chose not to wear the wife-beater with the Nikes and the white tees now everybody wearing tight jeans.”

He also touches on racial discrimination, rapping, “Just because you see the melanin doesn’t mean that I’m a felon.”