Authorities release recordings of the separate calls for help in a fight at Principal's house

By Ken Lee
Updated May 13, 2009 06:00 PM
Jason Merritt/Getty

Victoria Principal and her maid both put out emotional pleas for help after a confrontation at the actress’s Malibu home, according to tapes of the calls.

“[She] want to kill me,” housekeeper Maribel Banegas tells the emergency operator Dec. 26. “I need help. She’s pointing a gun. She’s going to kill me. She’s after me.”

In her own call, the Dallas star portrays Banegas as the problem. “I have a housekeeper that I don’t really know who’s on the premises,” Principal is heard saying. “She’s locked herself in the guesthouse and she’s robbing me. I told her I’m calling the police and I need you here now. She’s threatening and she’s locked herself in the guesthouse.”

Listen to the calls:

No charges have been filed in the case, but both Principal and Banegas have filed lawsuits alleging assault by the other during the clash. Principal accuses the maid of hurting her dog during a walk. Banegas claims Principal threatened to kill her in a dispute over payment.

“The 911 call clearly shows my client was in fear for her life,” Banegas’s lawyer Chris Allgreen tells PEOPLE. “We believe security camera footage on Victoria Principal’s property captured this incident and will eventually vindicate my client.”

Attorneys for Principal did not immediately return a call for comment.