By Janice Morris
Updated April 28, 2006 12:00 AM
Credit: Photo: Galactic/Starmaxinc

Lisa Rinna has one woman on her radar as she heads to the Daytime Emmys tonight: Martha Stewart. “I just did her show a month ago. I’d say, ‘How about those chocolate eggs, Martha, huh? I did a pretty good job, didn’t I?’ ” says the star of the SoapNet’s SoapTalk. Rinna, 42, seems to take after the multitasking doyenne: Besides sharing a nomination with cohost Ty Treadway, the Dr. Scholl’s spokeswoman competed on Dancing with the Stars; runs her own boutique minichain, Belle Gray; is working on a book proposal; and plans to open her own dance studio. Still, the former Days of Our Lives actress took time to chat with about holding it all together – from her family life (she has two girls, Delilah, 7, and Amelia, 4, with husband Harry Hamlin) to the Jane Fonda workout.

So you’re up for best talk-show host. Are you nervous?
No – I just want to look fabulous and wear a good dress, great shoes. Sometimes wardrobe malfunctions do tend to happen. I did have a big Tara Reid moment (on Dancing) and luckily it happened in rehearsals so we could fix it, because it was right out there – boom!

Are your feet ready? They must’ve been sore from Dancing.
I’m trying to get my feet back. I mean, I wore Band-Aids, I had blisters – you just danced right through it.

You just celebrated your ninth anniversary with Harry. Did you do anything special?
Not yet. I was in New York; he was in L.A. Usually we go off somewhere exotic. I would like to go to Egypt. Close, I’d like to go to Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs. That would do it for me.

How’s life at home? Are the kids little dancers now?
They love it. And what they’re really into right now is this High School Musical on Disney. Delilah’s planning on doing a High School Musical play. It’s the cutest thing. All we do is sing and dance around this house now.

Trying to be just like Mom?
I don’t think so – my girls are very individual. (The dancing) inspires them to be freer with their own expressions and that is great. Dancing with the Stars is one of the most freeing experiences of my life. You can’t care what anyone thinks and you can’t care if you fail.

How’d you get into such great shape?Really, it was the dancing six hours a day. Maybe I stepped up my workout a little bit but it did nothing to prepare me. That’s why we’re going to open a dance studio.

Tell us about it.
We’re looking for a space right now. It’ll sort of go back to the old Jane Fonda workout where you can do this great hour-long dance exercise routine that won’t be too difficult but will burn calories. My Dancing partner Louis van Amstel is going to run it.

Is Harry in on it?
Harry has his own set of passions – he’s very passionate about the environment, he’s very political. We share the same passion about family being first. And we also share Belle Gray, because he built the stores and he loves architecture.

He must be in awe of all you are doing.
What he said to me recently was just, “Roll around in it and enjoy every moment,” because it really is a fun moment.

When do you breathe?
I pass out at about 9:30 every night and then I sleep a good seven, eight hours. I’m having a ball.

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