Lingzi Lu, from Shenyang, studied statistics, liked Ben & Jerry's ice cream and was looking for "the one," according to a friend
Credit: Facebook

The third victim of Monday’s horrific Boston Marathon bombings has been named.

Lingzi Lu, a young Chinese graduate student of math and statistics at Boston University, originally from the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang, was one of three killed in the blasts. The Chinese consulate in New York confirmed Tuesday that a woman from China had died in the bombings but did not reveal her name.

But as The New York Times reports, given the blogosphere, in China and elsewhere, it was impossible to keep her identity concealed. By Wednesday morning, the state-run news agency Xinhua was not only naming Lu Lingzi but also running her photo, picked up from a Hong Kong TV station. On Wednesday, Boston University also shared her identity and a photo of Lu.

On her Weibo account, The Times reports, Lu expressed a love for food, and her final post on Monday was a picture of “my wonderful breakfast.”

Her personal interests, her page said, were “fine food, music, finance and economics.” On April 6, she posted: “Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, really every flavor tastes good.”

Lu “was one of three friends who watched the race near the finish line. Another of the three students, also in graduate school at the University, was injured, and is in stable condition at Boston Medical Center,” BU said in a statement on the university’s site.

“Robert Hill, dean of Marsh Chapel, visited the injured student Monday evening and again yesterday afternoon. He reports that she underwent surgery on Monday and on Tuesday. ‘She is doing well,’ says Hill. ‘She has her friends around her, and she will soon have family around her.’ ”

The American Embassy in Beijing said it was in contact with Lu’s family, as well as that of the other grad student, from southwestern China, who was injured in the explosions.

In all, more than 170 people were injured Monday, and three people have died. The other two victims are Krystle M. Campbell, 29, and Martin Richard, 8.