The BFFs turn heads in the South of France, while mom Dina calls Ronson "a sweetheart"

By Brian Orloff and David Caplan
Updated May 23, 2008 12:30 PM

Talk about making a splash: Inseparable duo Lindsay Lohan and deejay BFF Samantha Ronson turned heads Thursday during a party on Diddy‘s yacht in Cannes.

The pair stuck together all night, holding hands and being affectionate. While the two say they’re just friends, they’re frequent travel and party companions – with Lohan, 21, joining Ronson for many of her deejay sets.

Mom Dina Lohan also recently talked to PEOPLE about Ronson, calling her “a sweetheart.”

“She’s great – and she’s the best spinner around,” Lohan tells PEOPLE. And while their daughters are pals, so is Dina and Ronson’s mother, writer Ann Dexter-Jones: “I’m friends with her mom,” Lohan says. “She’s raised some extremely talented kids. It’s a talented family.”