The producer of Dare to Love Me calls Lohan's latest arrest "a complication"

By People Staff
Updated July 30, 2007 06:15 PM

Lindsay Lohan may be keeping a low profile – but her latest movie deal is still on track, the film’s producer tells PEOPLE.

“It’s happening. Everything’s on schedule. We’re just working out the conditions so she’ll be able to make the film,” Lucas Jarach, producer of Lohan’s upcoming Tango movie Dare to Love Me says. “The shooting of the movie, the filming, is not scheduled to start until October 1. [Lindsay] is still on board.”

Despite Lohan’s arrest for suspicion of drunken driving, Jarach says: “We stand behind her.”

Lohan began taking Tango lessons in preparation for the film just days before her arrest.

“It’s a complication,” says Jarach of Lohan’s legal troubles. “But the production is not being altered in any kind of way.”

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan, tells PEOPLE her daughter is “doing well.”

But she says the whole experience has been “horrific.” In part, she says, attention from the paparazzi is making life difficult for the entire Lohan family – especially for Lindsay. “It’s hard. These are young adults – to be under the microscope is inconceivable to understand unless you are going through it. It’s scary.”