The war of words continues as Michael Lohan releases another taped phone calls

By Tim Nudd
November 06, 2009 11:25 AM
Credit: INF(2)

The ugly war of words between Michael and Lindsay Lohan shows no signs of cooling off. Michael has released another audio tape, accusing his daughter of lying – and wasting her God-given talent.

On Thursday, Lindsay claimed on her Twitter page that Michael used to threaten to kill his then-wife Dina, Lindsay’s mother, if she left him. Michael responded with a denial in an interview with New York Post Friday.

“That’s a lie,” he says. “I guess Lindsay is on more drugs than I thought to say something like that No wonder why God is taking her entire career away from her. Because she’s forsaken everything He’s given her and she’s done nothing but misuse all the gifts she’s given.”

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Michael released a new audiotape to RadarOnline on Thursday. Apparently recorded in September 2008, the tape includes a dialogue with Lindsay’s mom about her struggles to get their daughter to go to rehab. “She’d like, punch me in the face, kick me out of the car … like you don’t know the [expletive] I went through,” Dina is heard saying.

Michael claims the leaking of the tapes is meant to pressure Lindsay into seeking treatment for addiction. Earlier he released a tape in which Lindsay is heard crying and saying, “No one cares about me.”

Michael tells the Post he has even more recordings that will “prove everything [Lindsay] is saying is nothing more than a bunch of lies.”

Lindsay’s lawyer tells the paper that her legal team is weighing its options and consulting with law enforcement about how to proceed.