The actress tells Americans to get to the polls – "your thoughts are worth it"

By Caris Davis
November 04, 2008 08:35 AM

As America goes to the polls Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan is making no secret of who has her vote.

“Obama for president :)” she writes on her MySpace Celebrity blog.

But the actress also offered a bipartisan message, encouraging everyone to hit the polls this Election Day.

“I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there …,” she writes. “Vote – because your thoughts are worth it. VOTE – because YOU can make this country a better place. VOTE – because you can.”

The Mean Girls star also urges readers to vote down two controversial initiatives on the California ballot: Proposition 8 (which attempts to ban gay marriage) and Proposition 4 (which requires parents to get 48-hours notice before any doctor performs an abortion on a minor).

Lohan insists, “Just one vote can make such a difference.”