Lindsey Lohan posted a selfie comparing herself to an old Parent Trap photo
Credit: Courtesy Lindsey Lohan

Wait, what year is it again?

It’s been nearly two decades since The Parent Trap first came out, and Lindsay Lohan still looks a lot like she did when she took on the iconic role of twins Hallie and Annie – she still has the signature red hair and freckles that made her famous in the ’90s.

“Spa week really does wonders!” Lohan, now 29, captioned an Instagram post on Tuesday, where she compared herself to a picture from her Parent Trap days, when she was just 11 years old.

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Though Lohan had years of troubling behavior that played out in the public eye, she has said she has a “clean slate” and a “fresh start,” since finishing probation in May after eight years in and out of the courtroom.