"If I wasn't with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next," she says

By Simon Perry
February 23, 2010 08:15 AM
Bill McCay/Wireimage

Lindsay Lohan says Samantha Ronson is the only woman for her – and if she doesn’t reunite with the celebrity deejay, the young actress would date men.

Lohan, 23, says she still “loves” Ronson – from whom she split in April 2009 – and, because they live in the same Los Angeles apartment building, they see each other regularly.

But the relationship with Ronson, 32, developed out of the blue. “I never really thought about women before, it kind of just happened with Samantha. It surprised me,” Lohan tells the U.K. Sun tabloid.

She adds, “If I wasn’t with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She’s the only woman I’ve been attracted to. We love each other. We might reconcile the relationship, maybe.”

The pair had a tempestuous affair that regularly landed them in the tabloids. Lohan blames the storminess on other people’s meddling. “Her family is very involved in her relationships and that was difficult All the fighting stuff was just because all her friends had got involved and made me an outcast, which wasn’t fair to Samantha. I think it was a jealousy thing in terms of her becoming more famous than the rest of them.”

Lohan’s personal revelations were part of a second installment of an interview with the paper. In Monday’s first part, she admitted she used drugs, including cocaine, to hide her problems. She says she is learning from her mistakes.
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