Lindsay Lohan Out as Victoria Gotti

Lindsay Lohan is no longer being considered for the role of Victoria Gotti in the upcoming mob movie

Photo: Splash News Online

Lindsay Lohan can fuggedabout playing Victoria Gotti on film.

“We are not talking any further about Lindsay playing Victoria,” says Marc Fiore, producer of Gotti: Three Generations. “She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people [for the role].”

But just last week, it seemed almost a sure thing when Lohan popped up at the movie’s April 12 press conference and looked strikingly like Victoria Gotti. Even John Travolta, who’s playing Gotti Sr., in the yet-to-be-made flick said, “I always thought she was gorgeous and talented.”

So is Lohan just too expensive and troublesome to insure with all of her past legal troubles?

For now it’s omerta for Fiore, who would not explain why she’s been “bumped off.”

“She a wonderful person,” he tells PEOPLE. “Her legal case has nothing to do with it. We just couldn’t reach terms.”

Meanwhile, Nick Cassavetes is also out as the film’s director but Fiore says it’s all due to scheduling conflicts. “Nick is doing the film Yellow and financing came through” says Fiore. “We were just not willing to put Gotti on hold so we decided to release him from the film.”

But he’s not worried about finding a replacement. “I’ve got about a million phone calls from directors” says Fiore. Anyone calling Martin Scorsese?

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