Peepshow's producer pictures her taking over Kelly Monaco's current role in a few months

Credit: INF

Is Lindsay Lohan the next star to headline a Las Vegas act?

Possibly. The actress has approached the director of Peepshow, a new Las Vegas revue, about joining the act in several months, PEOPLE has learned.

“I think she would be great in the show,” Peepshow‘s director Jerry Mitchell told PEOPLE. “I would need to meet with her and dance a bit as I would with anyone who would love to be a part of Peepshow.”

Lohan was in Las Vegas Saturday taking in the performance that stars former Dancing with the Stars contestants Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco. If Lohan were to join the show, she would take over for Monaco in several months in a role that requires Monaco to strip down to almost nothing – something that won’t change if Lohan starred.

“When the character strips she does it because she has learned to be strong by the other character/dancers in the show, and by watching them take charge with their considerable assets,” Mitchell said. “I am sure I could do the same for Miss Lohan.”

He added, “The show is a perfect match for Lindsay and her beauty as well as her acting talents.”