Lindsay Lohan: 'It Was Time to Grow Up'

The actress offers an update on her life in an impromptu call to a radio station

Photo: Mavrix Photo

Lindsay Lohan called into a Las Vegas radio station on Friday, in an effort to score Hannah Montana tickets for a friend’s nieces – and ended up chatting with the hosts about how her life is going.

“I think my life is different now, and it’s changed, and I’m growing up,” Lohan, 21, told the morning hosts at Mix 94.1 FM– which just happens to be giving away tickets to people who get celebs to call in.

“It was time to grow up. I’ve gone through a lot, and I’m just a different person now,” said Lohan, later saying, “It’s amazing, everything’s going so well.”

Asked about her life since rehab, the actress said she has turned a page, which she said is why she’s been in the news less often lately.

She also discussed her current projects – mostly musical in nature. “I’ve been in the studio, and it’s going really well, and I’m really excited, ’cause it’s going to be more urban pop,” she said. “It’s good to be back in the studio.”

She declined to discuss her love life (“I don’t kiss and tell”), but added that she hopes she can plan a trip to Africa on a humanitarian mission sometime soon.

“I really love children,” she said, “and it would be nice to give back.”

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