The actress takes to Twitter to dispel widespread rumors she's been hospitalized

By David Caplan
Updated September 17, 2009 10:00 AM
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Lindsay Lohan, no stranger to rumors about her state of mind, took to Twitter early Thursday morning to quash rumors that she’s been hospitalized.

“Hahahaha my publicist just called me & said she heard I was in a psych ward!!!! Hahaha WHAT IS WRONG with people???? I’m working lol,” Tweeted Lohan, 23, who has had previous stints in rehab and in the emergency room.

“BUT that’s one I’ve NEVER heard about myself before!” Lohan continued Tweeting about her supposed hospitalization. “New ones r always interesting huh? There’s SO much more going on in the world! Wake up.”

Lohan’s rep tells PEOPLE the actress is indeed working, and is currently in Texas shooting the upcoming thriller Machete, also starring Robert DeNiro and Jessica Alba.

Meanwhile, Lohan’s manager-mom, Dina, tells PEOPLE she is busily working on the launch of, a Web site she says will serve as a platform to dispel rumors about herself and her children. Among the Web site’s features will be an e-commerce section where visitors can buy stylish Lohan-inspired clothing.