Lindsay Lohan: I Worry About My Mom

As her parents' divorce trial begins, Lohan says she's concerned about her mother

Lindsay Lohan, whose parents’ divorce trial gets under way in Long Island, N.Y., Wednesday, tells PEOPLE she’s concerned for her mother.

“My mom has always been a great support, and she has put so much of her own life into my career. I do worry about her,” says the Mean Girls star about Dina, 42, who also serves as Lindsay’s manager.

Last week, Lindsay ditched her Herbie: Fully Loaded premiere in London to go support her family as the divorce proceedings drew near.

“She wanted to go back and deal with her family because she had some personal stuff going on, so we definitely miss her here, but I think it’s best that she do that,” Herbie director Angela Robinson told the Associated Press last week.

“I don’t think any girl wants to see her parents in this situation,” Lohan, 19, tells PEOPLE. Still it’s clear which side she’s on: Lindsay has said that her father, Michael, never helped her career, but he is now seeking half of Dina’s earnings.

Dina has claimed that Michael, 45, whom she married in 1985, was an abusive philanderer. Michael is currently in prison for crimes including driving while impaired, however he did attend the first day of the trial Wednesday.

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