Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Afford Rehab

The actress claims rehab is saving her life but causing her career to fail

Photo: David McNew/Getty

Lindsay Lohan is making positive strides toward a healthy lifestyle. But the troubled starlet’s improved habits don’t come without a price–literally. Lohan, 24, says that the time spent at Betty Ford’s rehab clinic is now hurting her in the pocket.

“[Lindsay says] her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product,” Lohan’s probation report states. “Also, she indicates she is scheduled to begin working on a movie in November, 2010…[She] is claiming that continued in-patient treatment would be a hardship financially, and damaging to her career.”

Nevertheless, Lohan was ordered back to rehab Friday morning, and is expected to stay placed until Jan. 4.

According to the statement, Doctor Lee Sadja, who dealt with Lohan during her stay at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric hospital believes, “The longer [Lindsay] is at the Betty Ford center, the better. There was some denial regarding her drug addiction. [She] needs to continue to work on her issues in order to save her life.”

Gary Richman, a chemical dependency counselor who also worked with Lohan, agrees the actress is not ready to leave the clinic.

According to the report, Richman believes “she has a lot of growing up to do. [She] finally began to talk about feeling powerless and about being an addict…She must make several changes in her life in order to succeed, especially coming from a family of dysfunction.”

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