Lindsay Lohan Gets Marilyn Monroe Quote Tattoo

The newly single star pays homage to the Hollywood screen legend

Photo: Anthony/Pacific Coast News

Lindsay Lohan recently got a new tattoo as part of her post-breakup makeover. But what does it say?

According to a source who has seen the new ink, Lohan, 22, got a Marilyn Monroe quote tattooed in cursive on her inner-wrist during her visit to the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood last week. Monroe’s full quote is: “Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle.” The wording is also surrounded by yellow, blue and green stars.

It’s no surprise that Lohan’s latest body art was inspired by the Hollywood legend. Last year, she recreated Monroe’s famous nude 1962 photo shoot for New York magazine, telling the publication at the time that Monroe’s life could serve as a cautionary tale. Namely, she said, Monroe was a “prime example of what this industry can do to someone.”

After her split with Samantha Ronson, Lohan has been struggling, a source says, noting, “She feels alone. All of their mutual friends have turned on her; she’s 22 but this would be tough to handle at any age.”

But another source close to Lohan says the starlet is actually stronger than she’s being made out to be. “She’s being painted as this victim, but she’s not,” that source says. “She’s a strong girl.”

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