The actress says of her debut disc: "I didn't want my album to be some prototype voice"

December 07, 2004 01:00 PM

On the day her debut album Speak is hitting stores, Lindsay Lohan has been caught up in an Ashlee Simpson-type lip-synching scandal.

The Mean Girls actress turned pop star is denying accusations that she was not actually singing during a live appearance Monday on “Good Morning America.” Several tabloids and gossip Web sites claim that Lohan’s mouth was not moving, but words were still being heard when she was supposed to be singing “Rumors” and “Over,” two tunes from her new album.

Reps for both the actress’s record label and for Good Morning America deny the lip-synching rumors. A rep from Lohan’s label, Casablanca, says some background tracks were playing to support the star only on the first song “Rumors,” to make the song match the layered vocal sound created in the recording studio.

“She did not lip-synch,” says Casablanca’s Kim Jakwerth. “Lindsay sang 100 percent live. Her band played 100 percent live. The background singers were 100 percent live. Yes, on the first song there were background tracks, which were not on the second song.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the 18-year-old Lohan said she specifically picked songs for her album that were in her range in order to avoid any lip-synching accusations like the ones Ashlee Simpson faced after a botched Saturday Night Live appearance. “The main concern for me was I wanted to sing songs that, when I sing live, sound the same, and I don’t have to worry about it and I don’t have to stress my voice,” Lohan said.

“I didn’t want my album to be some prototype voice, like, ‘this is the singer,'” she added. “I wanted it to have all aspects of my voice in it. I wanted it to just be me, raw, as much as it could be.”

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