Lindsay Lohan & Brody Jenner's 'Inn' Love

The pair was "all over each other" at New York hot spot Beatrice Inn Friday night

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Lindsay Lohan and Brody Jenner avoided being photographed together Friday night as the two hit night clubs in New York, but while inside they got pretty cozy, sources tell PEOPLE.

The pair were spotted “all over each other” at Beatrice Inn. They stayed about 30 minutes and then headed to another celebrity hot spot, The Box, along with buddy Frankie Delgado. Reportedly, they both lingered until 3:30 a.m.

“She likes him. It’s early, but they are more than friends,” a source says of Lohan. “He seems to like her back. They’re actually sweet together, it would be nice if she kept him around.”

On the other hand, Brody recently told PEOPLE that his “new girlfriend” Cora Skinner had “met the parents” and “She’s part of the family.”

It’s getting hard to keep up!

A rep for Jenner did not return calls for comment.

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