How did the starlet's name arise in a scandal involving $400,000 worth of diamonds?

By Brenda Rodriguez
June 19, 2009 06:00 PM
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Lindsay Lohan is back in the eye of the storm – this time a real-life whodunit involving missing jewels and a London photo shoot.

The jewels – a Dior diamond necklace and and a pair of earrings valued at $500,000 – were discovered missing June 8, a few days after they were used during a photo shoot of Lohan for British Elle. Quickly, attention focused on the American actress – who staunchly maintains her innocence.

Indeed, Elle has “no reason to believe” Lohan was involved, the magazine’s spokesperson said in a statement. And Lohan, 22, is one of some 20 people at the shoot who are being questioned by British police. No arrests have been made.

So how did Lohan’s name surface in the scandal? “It just seems too convenient to point the finger at Lindsay,” says a source close to Lohan, whose mother, Dina, calls the accusations “defamatory, false and unfair.”

But news of the missing jewels raised eyebrows among some who have worked with her on photo shoots.

“It was so difficult working with her because it was like sticky paws,” said one source who witnessed Lohan walk away with accessories and a designer sweateron a photo shoot two years ago. “Her hands were on everything. Our hands were just trying to hold everything down because it’s like, anything that wasn’t nailed down or hidden away [she’d try to take].”

But a Lohan pal says the actress is always professional. “She is diligent about returning everything that she borrows,” says the pal. “She’s a good girl.”

So while Lohan weathers another scandal, her rep maintains: “She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”