The actress commits a social-media gaffe after things get lots in translation in a Tweet
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty

Something got lost in translation here.

Lindsay Lohan committed a language gaffe Monday – one that happened to be seen by her 8.9 million Twitter followers – when she inadvertently confused the phrases “You’re beautiful” with “You’re a donkey” in Arabic.

The boo-boo occurred on Monday when the 28-year-old actress Tweeted the word habibi.

According to Time, habibi is a ubiquitous Arabic term of endearment, which can be translated to mean everything from lover to beloved.

Lohan, however, linked to an Instagram post with the caption “You’re beautiful” written in English, along with an image of an Arabic phrase that she must have believed was its translation.

It wasn’t.

Instead, the phrase read, “You’re a donkey.”

Lohan quickly deleted the image but not before the story went viral.

One Twitter user Tweeted a screen shot of the image, with some helpful words for the star.

“Next time @lindsaylohan let me check b4 u post :-),” wrote Jenan Moussa, a roving reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV. “Arabic words don’t mean ‘U are beautiful’ but ‘u are a donkey'”

The actress has been creating a stir on social media these days: In March, she caught flack for posting an Instagram photo in which her butt and thighs appear to have been digitally altered – something that numerous commenters singled out.