Lohan and Ronson deejay and dance the night away Wednesday at L.A.'s Crown Bar

By Kristin Boehm and Rae Pardini
Updated August 07, 2008 04:30 PM

Samantha Ronson had to work on her birthday Wednesday, but it wasn’t all bad – she had Lindsay Lohan by her side!

Seeming inseparable, DJ Ronson, now 31, lit up the turntables while Lohan, 22, stayed close, whispering to her, smoking and holding court at a table of friends inside Los Angeles’s Crown Bar.

At promptly five past midnight, the music was silenced and Lohan led the club in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” while presenting Ronson a cake and a lingering kiss.

Between handing out cake to their friends, the gals got cozy in the deejay both and snapped photos of themselves. Lohan spent most of the early morning dancing back-to-back with Ronson, who closed out her set around 1:30 a.m.