The couple, split since November, are seen "happy" together at parties, say pals

March 24, 2005 08:00 AM

Are Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama rekindling their romance? The couple, who split last November, crossed party-hopping paths in New York City last week while out with their respective pals, and a source tells PEOPLE that the former couple had a minor makeout session at Marquee on March 18.

Lohan’s rep denies the canoodling, adding, “They’re just friends, but they’re happy to see each other.”

The amicable vibe carried into the next night at two Saturday Night Live afterparties. At the restaurant Docks, Valderrama (there to support SNL host and buddy Ashton Kutcher) and Lohan spoke again. But the actress seemed more thrilled to meet SNL musical guest Gwen Stefani, especially when Stefani said that she and her nieces do karaoke to the teen queen’s music.

Later at the club Hiro, Valderrama and Lohan barely acknowledged each other, as Lohan chilled in one room while Valderrama hunkered down at the bar with his buddies.

So is it love renewed? Valderrama says no, and that his work schedule is too hectic for a social life. “I just finished three films and am producing a pilot I created for MTV. I rarely sleep. The only time I get to see my friends is right now,” he says.

As for dating, “not right now,” he says. “But I’m open-minded. I’d never say never.”

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