Linda Tripp: Worst-Dressed

Calling her a “sheepdog in drag,” fashion gadfly Mr. Blackwell named tape-and-tell troublemaker Linda Tripp the worst-dressed woman of 1998. The award, which was announced in Los Angeles Tuesday, is but another shot in the steady barrage of name-calling Tripp has endured since giving independent counsel Kenneth Starr tapes she made of her erstwhile best friend Monica Lewinsky talking about her affair with President Clinton.

  • Blackwell’s other fashion victims, in order: Madonna (“a neo-Gothic fright”), Kate Winslet (“her wardrobe should have gone down with the Titanic”), Carmen Electra (“fashion Viagra in heels”), Courtney Love (“looks more like ‘cold cuts and Spam’ than the ‘Goddess of Glam'”), Mariah Carey (“shrinkwrapped cheesecake”), Marisa Tomei (“the high priestess of fashion pretense”), Sigourney Weaver (“If you are looking for an ‘Alien’ call Sigourney”), Sandra Bullock (“a Victorian lampshade on the loose”) and Alex Kingston (“She mixed, she matched … she missed”). The designer, who’s retired from dressmaking but not from making lists, does approve of the looks of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, Kim Basinger, Gloria Stuart, Roma Downey, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Madeleine Albright and Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria.
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