June 01, 1998 12:00 AM

She’s not giving up without a fight. Lawyers for Linda Tripp filed a lawsuit Thursday, demanding that their client be reinstated in the Pentagon job she was dismissed from on former President Clinton’s last day in office. She is also alleging that officials leaked details of her job search to the media. They said Tripp, a main player in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, interviewed at the U.S. George Marshall Center in Germany on Tuesday, for a lower-paying and lower-rank position than her recent job. Tripp found news of her application revealed in the defense department’s Stars and Stripes newspaper. “Once again Linda Tripp’s rights under the Privacy Act have been willfully and grossly violated. Her attempt to find a new job have been sabotaged,” attorney Michael Kohn told a news briefing. Resignation or dismissal of political appointees like Tripp, whose tapes of conversations with Lewinsky fueled the sex scandal that almost brought down Bill Clinton, is routine during presidential transitions, White House officials say. But Tripp, who was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon, says she was forced to take a political position instead of a civil service position. The suit, which claims damages of at least $1,000 for each alleged violation of the Privacy Act, also demands an injunction prohibiting any government agency from releasing sensitive information on her.

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