Lily-Rose Depp Says 'There Wasn't Really Anything to Rebel Against' Growing Up with Famous Parents

"They've always trusted me to be independent," Lily-Rose shared

Photo: Vogue

At age 17, Lily-Rose Depp has already garnered roles in five feature films, became Chanel’s newest ambassador and has now landed her first-ever Vogue cover.

Looking beautiful in a teal Chanel gown, the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis graces the December cover of British Vogue. Though she grew up in Hollywood, the starlet revealed that her upbringing wasn’t as rebellious as some may think.

“My parents weren’t very strict,” Lily-Rose explained. “They’ve always trusted me to be independent and make my own decisions. There wasn’t really anything to rebel against.”

Depp, 53, and Paradis, 43, were together for over 14 years from 1998 – 2012, and have two children together: Lily-Rose and 14-year-old son John Christopher.

With growing interest in her film career and style It girl status, Lily-Rose has become a popular celebrity to follow on social media with over two million followers on Instagram. However, the Yoga Hosers actress revealed that posting photos of her everyday activities isn’t something she’s interested in.

“I’ve really stopped using it in a personal way,” she said. “I never like revealing too much about myself. Once you start giving people that look into your life, then they just want more and more.”

In fact, Lily-Rose previously told LOVE magazine that she has anxiety regarding her social accounts. “I first started using social media when I was 12 or something — not publicly, I had private accounts — but even since then people have been pretending to be me, and my brother. It’s so annoying. It’s super weird,” she said, adding, “I would be much less stressed out without social media. I am constantly afraid of getting hacked. It’s like being afraid of stepping on glass.”

December Vogue U.K. hits newsstands on Nov. 3.

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