Lily-Rose Depp rocks out – and distracts Tony Hale's character, Bob

Credit: Darren Michaels

Lily-Rose Depp has music in her DNA, and fans can get a glimpse of it in her new film Yoga Hosers.

In this exclusive clip, the daughter of Johnny Depp (who just wrapped up a tour with his band Hollywood Vampires) and French chanteuse Vanessa Paradis shows off her vocal chops during a duet with costar Harley Quinn Smith – much to the dismay of Natasha Lyonne.

That’s because Lyonne character, Tabitha, is in the middle of an intimate moment with Bob Collette (Tony Hale) when his daughter Colleen (Depp) starts singing Styx’s hit song “Babe.” Hale’s character cannot get over the sweet melodies of his daughter, ruining the time with his lady.

“I used to sing this to her when she was a baby,” says Hale in the film, which is directed by Harley Quinn Smith’s father, Kevin Smith. “She just remembers it. She’s just grown up so fast, you know?”

Yoga Hosers is a spin-off of Smith’s 2014 film Tusk, in which both his daughter and Lily-Rose had small roles. They take the lead in this horror-comedy as two high school sophomores obsessed with yoga and their phones. When they’re invited to a party by dreamy senior Hunter Calloway (Austin Butler), they have to overcome some serious obstacles to get there.

The film marks Depp’s first leading role and her first time on the big screen with her dad. Paradis herself also has a role in the film.

Smith told PEOPLE last year that the scenes with the father-daughter Depp duo were “mind-blowing” to watch. “It was adorable,” he said.

Other members of the star-studded cast include Justin Long, Adam Brody and Tyler Posey

Yoga Hosers hits theaters Sept. 2.